Well~ i'm back. i've recorded Legalli's new voicebank (ACT2.0), and Teito's entirely new voicebank~ (ACT1.0).
Aside from that~ Leviathan's voicebank will be made either this month or next month. i'm not sure.
And, thanks for using Legalli and friends~

ohohoho xD Legalli's page is finally up in utau.wikia.com. just either search "Legalli Legale" or click the button from the Home Page
i've made some drawings for Legalli, Ligalli, Teito, and Levi. but i'm too lazy to finish them T_T can someone help me? i'm not smart in coloring either. you can see the unfinished drawings in the Profile Page
Congratuliations for my new web! xD i don't know if i'll ever update the blog page